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game title Kerohiro

Yonekura family (from Sudden Bonus) back for more actions!

It’s summer, the Yonekura family went for summer vacation at Lalala Beach. While they were having fun playing the classic beach game, ‘suikawari’ (watermelon splitting), the weird TV show host appeared again and challenged them to a game of “Sudden Watermelon” where they have to defeat some weird watermelon fighters.

Get it now on AppStore/GooglePlay and help the Yonekuras to fight and win back their peaceful summer trip!

Kerohiro Screen Shots Kerohiro game features
Feature - 7 characters Features - 9x7 special skills Features - 30 types of enemy
Features - Super Moves Features - New Item system Features - 30 Levels
Sudden Watermelon available now
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